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Drop Shipping Account

To apply for an Individual Online Seller Account  (Drop Shipping Account), please kindly Click here to register an account with us.

Once registered, kindly Click here to message us to clarify that you'd like to take advantage of the Drop Shipping Account and your application will be approved within 24 hours. If your account isn't activated after 24 hours has passed, please kindly get in touch or Click here to send us a message.


How it works

You first Register on our website to be a registered customer and then you apply for the Drop Shipping Account by getting in touch through the contact us page or Click here and choosing the appropriate subject. 

You earn 8% discount on all items when you pay using a Merchant excluding delivery charges where applicable, or earn a 10% discount off all items when you pay by Online Banking/Bank Transfer/Cheque/Cash/Direct Debit. And in some cases, its up to 20% discount, excluding delivery charges where applicable, plus an additional 10% Loyalty Reward Points awarded to your account.

This is because we both cannot be charged twice (e.g when you sell items online and receive payment through a merchant, you've already paid the transaction and processing fee, and in some cases, you also pay seller fee on some shopping platforms. As well as, we'd also get charged when you pay using the same merchant for the very same item). 
It also makes us both on a loss (we as a seller and you as a reseller).
You don't have to buy the products outright before you think of selling the products on whatever shopping platform you desire. When you sell on shopping platforms, you either pay directly on our website and your discount will be automatically applied once signed into your account and its currently 8% excluding delivery charges where applicable when you pay using a merchant, or receive 10% excluding delivery charges where applicable (manually) when you choose to pay by Online Banking/Bank Transfer/Bank Wire/Direct Debit.
And In some cases its up to 20% discount depending on the sales volume.

PLEASE NOTE: Your contact and delivery details, as well as the price will be displayed on your receipt through email in a PDF file. Also item(s) cannot be posted to your buyers address when you pay using a merchant except its included as the shipping address.

Tracking reference will be sent to you once the item has been dispatched.

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